" I can honestly say Peter sold me on his unit more than anything. It's not often you find a vendor who will spend the time to work an issue and not just sell you a product. Thanks again for putting in the time to match me with a product and vendor I want to work with."

- PhilUT Southwestern

" Customers have been in need of an alternative to Millipore, Elga, Siemens, Barnstead for a

long time. After seeing your system we have a lot of confidence in your products."

- ScottCalifornia, USA

" I am impressed by how well packed (double boxed) the item was, and your attention to detail.

You even gave me a roll of Teflon tape! The instructions look very good. "

- ArthurVancouver, Canada

 " You products are so good."

- MarySeattle, USA

 "Installed the Direct-Pure adept system today and it is operating very good.

The RO is 1 µs,PRODUCT is 18.2 MΩ

The system is very nice design and I think that it will be good to the academy ."

- ShlomoIsreal

 "Thank you for your prompt response and your concern for my lab. It's the most responsive I've seen a company. ... amazing service."

AndrewFarminghan, CT, USA

 "Beating down Industry Champion! Thanks for your Great Filter! "

TimMinnesota, USA

Representative Customers (US):

Academic Institution  Industry
 - Harvard University     - Procter & Gamble (P&G)
 - MIT     - Merck & Co. (US)
 - University of Pennsylvania      - GlaxoSmithKline
 - Cornell University    - Dow Agriculture
 - University of Washington        - PerkinElmer
 - US FDA Labs  



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