Tank Vent Filter 2 Replace Millipore TANKMPK02 (RephiLe Cat. RATANKVN2)

RephiLe Catalog No.: RATANKVN2
Millipore Catalog No.: TANKMPK02
Replace Millipore TANKMPK02, Vent Filter for 30/60/100L PE reservoirs for Millipore RiOs systems and Milli-Q Direct.
Product Description:
This product is designed to prevent airborne particles, CO2, organic and bacteria from entering the PE water tank.
Purification Technologies:
Activated Carbon
Membrane Filtration
Ordering Information:

RephiLe Catalog No.


Millipore Catalog No.


Tank Vent Filter


Suitable for the following Millipore systems:
RiOs 5/8/16 (30/60/100L PE Reservoir)
RiOs Essential (30/60/100L PE Reservoir)
Milli-Q Direct (30/60/100L PE Reservoir)

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