Direct-Pure Genie Ultrapure & EDI Lab Water Systems

This integrated water system combines optimized sequence of water purification, delivery and monitoring technologies without compromising product water quality in a compact unit. It offers desired solutions for research professionals who work with varieties of applications utilizing Type I ultrapure and Type II pure water in the lab.

The system is manufactured in an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified manufacturing site and CE marked.

- Automatic cleaning cycles and self-maintenance functions for the RO membrane increase the lifetime and efficiency of the RO membranes, EDI module as well as the final polishing cartridge.
- Automatic hourly recirculation in the loop prevents bacteria growth and maintain water purity at all times.
- Flexible choices of final filters to remove specific contaminants for multiple applications.
- Large LCD screens on both the water system and the POU dispenser display critical information for instant access of system operation and performance parameters.
- EDI product water (Type II pure water) can be dispensed from both the water production unit and the reservoir, while ultrapure water is simply drawn at the push of a button on the handle of the water dispenser.
- The remote dispenser has a built-in high precision resistivity sensor with cell constant of 0.01 cm-1 to measure the quality of ultrapure water just prior to the dispensing point.
- Volumetric dispensing and calibration.
- The handle is 360 degree-rotatable and detachable from its support for effortless and instant dispensing with maximum flexibility.
- With RephiBlue mobile app for remote control and diagnosis from your mobile devices (for TOC models).
- Online TOC monitors the product water TOC level (for TOC models).


Feed Water Requirements
Tap water*

Municipal water, TDS < 1000 ppm ( 2000 μS/cm )

Operating temperature5 - 45
Feed water pressure15 - 90 psi (1 - 6 bar)
Water Production Flow Rate
EDI water (Type II )5, 10, 15 L/hr (@ 25℃)

Ultrapure water (Type I ) 

Up to 2.0 L/min
Product Water Quality
EDI water resistivity ( @ 25℃ )> 5 MΩ·cm ( typically 10 - 15 MΩ·cm )
EDI water TOC< 30 ppb
Ultrapure water resistivity ( @ 25℃ )18.2 MΩ·cm

Ultrapure water TOC 

< 5 ppb
Particles in ultrapure water ( > 0.2 μm)No particles ( with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter)
Microorganisms< 0.01 cfu/ml ( with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter)
Pyrogens (endotoxins)< 0.001 Eu/ml (with a RephiBio filter)
< 0.5 pg/ml (with a RephiBio filter)
DNase10 pg/ml (with a RephiBio filter)
Length x Depth x Height 30 cm × 51 cm ×48 cm

* If water hardness is less than 120 ppm, RephiLe suggests using RephiTEKT RW50211KT.

If water hardness is greater than 120 ppm, RephiLe suggests using an additional water softening device to protect the RO membrane in your system.

** Product water quality may vary depending on local feed water conditions.
Ordering information:

 Description Catalog No.
 Direct-Pure Water System, Genie 5 RD0GP050E
 Direct-Pure Water System, Genie 10 RD0GP100E
 Direct-Pure Water System, Genie 15 RD0GP050E
 Direct-Pure Water System, Genie 5, with TOC RD0GP05TE
 Direct-Pure Water System, Genie 10, with TOC RD0GP10TE
 Direct-Pure Water System, Genie 15, with TOC RD0GP15TE

Cartridge Set is required for the water systems to function. Please contact RephiLe for detailed information.

Direct-Pure Genie Water System

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