RephiQuik 50 mm PTFE Filter

RephiQuik 50 mm PTFE filter is a ready-to-connect venting filter with a hydrophobic PTFE membrane. It is used in sterilization of fermenter air and the filtration of incubator gas to prevent culture media contamination. The filters are also well suitable for sterilization or filtration of an aggressive organic solution with high chemical resistance. Moreover,It can be used between a pump and a receiving vessel to protect valves and pump components from damage by aqueous solutions.
- Polypropylene housing and a high density polyethylene (HDPE) supported hydrophobic PTFE membrane

- 50 mm diameter

- excellent chemical resistance

- Allowing air and gases to pass through freely while blocking aqueous solutions and aerosol contaminants

- 1/4“ Single hose barb connections at both ends

- Autoclavable

- 2 Package sizes available, 50 per pack &100 per pack


Diameters50 mm
Housing materialPolypropylene (PP)
Filter Media materialPTFE
Inlet / Outlet Connections1/4" Hose Barb
Pore Size0.22 μm

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RephiQuik 50 mm PTFE syringe filter

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