RephiDisc Nylon Membrane Disc Filter

Nylon membranes are naturally hydrophilic polymer. RephiDisc Nylon membranes have broad chemical compatibility and low levels of extractables since the membranes do not contain any wetting agents, detergents or surfactants. The can be used in many different applications for filtering aqueous and organic solutions, even some aggressive solutions, such as acetonitrile (ACN), DMF and DMSO. However, Nylon membranes are not good for acid solutions and tend to bind greater amounts of proteins and other macromolecules than other membranes hence RephilDisc Nylon membranes are not recommended for protein recovery applications.


- Weak resistance for acidic conditions
- Pore size: 0.22/0.45 µm
- Diameter size: 25/47/50 mm 
- Non-sterile but autoclavable

- General clean and filtration 
- Sample Prep
- Environmental Monitoring and Analysis
- Filtration of Aqueous and Organic Solutions
- Fluid Monitoring
- Pharmaceutical Products Analysis
- Chromatography and Mass Spec Sample Prep
- Venting and Gas Filtration

Ordering Information:

RephiDisc Nylon Membrane Disc Filter

 Pore Size (μm) Diameter (mm) Units/Pk Catalog No.
 0.22 25 500 RCN2522H5
 0.22 47 100 RCN4722NH
 0.22 50 100 RCN5022NH
 0.45 25 500 RCN2545H5
 0.45 47 100 RCN4745NH
 0.45 50 100 RCN5045NH

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