316L 250 mL Stainless Steel Filter Holder

- High quality 316L stainless steel funnel offers excellent chemical resistance.
- Filter funnel is electropolished to minimize potential particulate“hang-up”on sides of funnel.
- The stainless steel filter support ensures a uniform distribution of the residues.
- No clamp is needed for setup. Easy and fast spin-lock connection.
- 2-serial filter holders save both time and sample for analysis. More convenient for applications.
- The stainless steel filter holders and membrane supports can be autoclaved or flame-sterilized.
RephiLe 316L stainless steel filter holders can be used for:
- Precise analysis of particulate contamination by vacuum filtration
- Biological contamination analysis or microbiology test
- General liquid filtration. Purification of corrosive liquid, solvents, etc
- Chemical experiment

 Materials 316L Stainless steel top lid with hose adaptor; Funnel; support screen and base; No.8 perforated silicone stopper; silicone O-ring
 Funnel Capacity 47 mL
 Funnel Capacity 19.4 mm
 Filtration Areas 7.6 cm2
 Height 19.4 cm
 Diameter 76 mm
 Outlet No.8 perforated silicone stopper mounts in a standard filtering flask

Ordering Information:

 Description Units/Pk Catalog No.
 316L Stainless Steel Filter Holder with top lid, for 47 mm filter membranes 1 RX01047KT
 Replacement Parts  
 ①316L Stainless steel top cap with connector for 4 mm I.D. hose 1 RX0104701
 ②316L Stainless steel Funnel, 250 mL  1 RX0104702
 ④ Stainless steel support screen 1 RX0104703
 ⑤Silicone O-ring 1 RX0104705
 ⑦316L Stainless steel base 1 RX0104707
 ⑧No. 8 perforated silicone stopper, hole diameter 14.3 mm 1 RX0104708

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