Cartridge Kit Replace Quantum EX Kit(Millipore Cat. QTUMMPEEX&QTUMMPKEX,RephiLe Cat. RRQTUMFEX

RephiLe Catalog No.: RRQTUMFEX
Millipore Catalog No.: QTUMMPEEX
Replace Millipore QTUMMPEEX and QTUMMPKEX Quantum EX (Organex Resin)  with Millipak Filter Unit for Millipore Milli-Q Academic, Milli-Q Biocel and Milli-Q Element systems etc.
Product Description:
These products are designed to remove ionic and organic contaminants below trace level to match the water quality required for your application.
A 0.2 μm PES capsule filter is included to remove bacteria and particles above 0.2 μm size.
Purification Technologies:
 Activated Carbon
 Membrane filtration
Ordering Information:

RephiLe Catalog No.


Millipore Catalog No.


RephiSolo U Pack with a 0.2 μm final filter


Suitable for the following Millipore systems: 

 Milli-Q Academic 
 Milli-Q Biocel 
 Milli-Q Element 
 Milli-Q Gradient
 Milli-Q Synthesis

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