Remote Dispenser

Product Name: Remote Dispenser

RephiLe Catalog No. : RSP0U000S RSP0U000P RSP0U000G


  • - Built-in-high precision resistivity sensor (for RSP0U000G & RSP0U000S ) with a cell constant of 0.01cm-1 to measure the quality of ultrapure water just prior to the dispensing point.

  • - Volumetric dispensing: volume dispensed can be set between 0.1 and 99.9 liters. Dispense will automatically stop - when there is no water in the tank.

  • - Volumetric calibration. Accuracy of dispensing volume can be calibrated by user.

  • - 360 degree-rotatable handle and detachable from its support for effortless and instant dispensing with maximum flexibility.

  • - Distance of the dispenser to the system can be as far as 3 meters (10 feet).

Odering Information:

RephiLe Cat.Description


Remote Dispenser, with resistivity sensor


Remote Dispenser, without sensor


Remote Dispenser with resistivity sensor, without recirculation

Suitable for the following RephiLe systems:

Direct-Pure Genie

Direct-Pure UP


Direct-Pure EDI

Direct-Pure RO

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