Recirculation Pump Replace Millipore ZF3000401 (RephiLe Cat. RASP00401)

RephiLe Catalog No.: RASP00401
Millipore Catalog No.: ZF3000401
Replace Millipore ZF3000401, ZF3OOO4O1 replacement PUMP for Millipore Milli-Q Advantage, Milli-Q Direct, Milli-Q Integral and Milli-Q Reference systems.
Product Description:
This is a recirculation pump for Millipore ultrapure water systems to deliver water.
Ordering Information:

RephiLe Catalog No.


Millipore Catalog No.


Recirculation Pump


Suitable for the following Millipore systems:
 Milli-Q Advantage Milli-Q Direct
 Milli-Q Integral 
 Milli-Q Reference

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