RephiTEKT Prefiltration System

Product Name: RephiTEKT Prefiltration System
RephiLe Catalog No. : RW50211KT

This product is designed to remove most of the particles, organic compounds and chlorine from tap water to protect RO membranes.

The updated Prefiltration system adopts new design concept and more compact structure. It is installed by quick connector thus take less space. 

RephiDuo PreFilter cartridge use high preformance prefiltration medium, which lead to the product with  less cost, longer service life, more safety and  more convenience.

Purification Technology:

- Activated Carbon

- Anti-Scaling

- Depth Filtration

Odering Information:

RephiLe Catalog No.
 RW50211KT RephiTEKT Prefiltration System Support
 LAB02CP04 RephiDuo Pre Filter Cartridge Pack

Suitable for the following Millipore systems:

 Large Elix
 Large Rios
 Milli-Q Direct
 Milli-Q Integral
 All pure water systems with tap water inlet


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