Direct-Pure RO Lab Water Systems with a Dispenser

The Direct-Pure RO lab water system produces reverse osmosis (RO) water from tap water directly.

- Electrical and water compartments are completely segregated, thus safer to operate. 
- The Fully automated control system contains pre-rinse, RO membrane fouling preventing flush, RO membrane life detection as well as many other programs for convenient operation.
- The pre-rinsing program starts automatically when a new RO membrane is installed so there is no need for users to set up additional cleaning procedures.
- The system is equipped with a 30-liter PE tank (upgradeable to a 60-liter) with a liquid level sensor. 
- RephiLe can provide full document support to meet users’ GMP, GLP, FDA and other certification requirements.

- The handle is 360 degree-rotatable and detachable from its support for effortless and instant dispensing with maximum flexibility.

Main Applications:
- Pure water can be used in many areas. Here are some typical applications.
- Manual cleaning and glassware rinsing
- Buffer preparation
- Glassware washers
- Humidifiers
- Water baths
- Aging tester
- Autoclave
- Laboratory animal feed
- Feed water for ultrapure water systems


 Feed Water Requirements

 Tap water*

 Municipal water, TDS < 1000 ppm (2000 μS/cm)

 Operating Temperature


 Feed Water Pressure

 15 - 90 psi (1 - 6 bar)

 Product Water Flow Rate

 10 to 30 L/h at 25 

 RO Rejection Rate

 Monovalent ions removal


 Polyvalent ions removal


 Bacteria and Particles removal


 Organics and Pyrogens removal



 Length x Depth x Height

 30 cm × 51 cm × 48 cm

 Net Weight (Operating Weight)

 18 - 21 kg

*If water hardness is greater than 1000 ppm, RephiLe suggests using an additional water softening device to protect the RO membrane in your system.

Ordering information: 


 Catalog No.

 Direct-Pure Water System, RO 10, with dispenser


 Direct-Pure Water System, RO 15, with dispenser


 Direct-Pure Water System, RO 20, with dispenser


 Direct-Pure Water System, RO 30, with dispenser


 Direct-Pure Water System, RO 50, with dispenser


Direct-Pure RO Water System

Cartridge Set is required for the water systems to function. Please contact RephiLe for detailed information.

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